Look & Think

Put yourself in your user’s shoes. Identify their problems and values.

Context Tool: Problem Definition image

A tool to break down how a problem affects groups of people differently.

Current reality vs. desired reality image

This is an inclusive way to frame a community challenge and explore how different stakeholders experience the same problem.

Feedback Debrief image

A tool to help enable decision-making on the right type of feedback to act on.

More Tools

Design Research Debrief

Reflect on and summarize your thoughts after conducting observational research or an interview.

Design Research Plan

A design research planning tool with space for up to ten different techniques to acquire different pieces of information. Researching each point requires teams to think and answer questions such as, what will they ask, how will they document their findings, and who will be doing what?

How Might We Question Template

A template that helps you frame your design challenge into and actionable problem statement that will drive the rest of your problem solving work.


This template helps you come up with fictitious characters that represent the different user types within your targeted group of users. It helps to focus on the need, goals, and behaviors of a real user group based on your research. It's a useful tool to help you better understand who you are designing for.