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Evolve your idea by gaining inspiration from existing solutions.

Vulnerable people can’t afford housing and rent in Jordan due to a combination of low income and high living costs. Ahmed knew he wanted to connect people to housing opportunities but he didn’t know how to go about it.

He had the idea of house-sharing platform to reduce money and time spent commuting to far-away jobs, but he looked at other existing service models to turn it into a service platform and make it scalable.

Ahmed ended up with a web-based platform that connects people to house-sharing opportunities and housemates near work to lower the monthly expenses of low-wage workers.

Write inspiring ideas on a sticky note. Look at your "ingredients" and blend them to make a new smoothie.

It gives you the perspective of how things are already being solved. It’s about looking at the context you are in, how other people are tackling the problem, and how you can tackle it from your perspective. And looking at multiple solutions allows you to look into things more widely.


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